Coronavirus Risks and Safety Measures took by Cliniva Wellness Beauty Salon

How “Cliniva Wellness” Salon is Prepared for Coronavirus

We have customers call to check-in. Instead of having customers walk inside, We ask them to call when they’ve arrived. They can wait in their car or outside the business instead of waiting in the lobby. This will reduce the number of patrons inside the salon.

We have removed unnecessary frequently touched surfaces. Magazines are common in a salon for customers to flip through while they wait or during their service. With the risk of COVID-19, we have removed it from our salon.

We check temperatures of our staff and customers before they enter.

We encourage our staff to stay at home if feeling sick. On the same token, if staff members are not feeling well, we encourage them to take a day off.

We keep up with our cleaning efforts by wiping down equipment and maintaining proper sanitation. We use effective and latest Sterilizing tools and ensure stations are wiped down in between each client. We do Deep cleaning every day before closing. We post our every enhanced cleaning efforts on social media for transparency with our customers.

We follow Social distancing rules. Our hairstylists keep personal protective equipment (PPE) kits on them every time they are at the service station.

We encourage the use of masks all the time within the salon.

We practice safe hand washing and hand sanitizing. We ask clients to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer upon entering the salon. Our employees wash their hands in between all clients.

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